The Independent



The Independent is a United Kingdom newspaper that has been in circulation since 1986. It is well known for its coverage of British politics, culture and current affairs. The paper provides both national and international news in an unbiased manner, allowing readers to form their own opinions on the issues discussed. 

The Independent offers a range of different sections including opinion pieces from leading figures within the political sphere as well as providing detailed analysis on key topics such as Brexit or climate change. There are also regular features which focus upon arts & entertainment, technology & science and lifestyle content - all delivered with insight and clarity by experienced journalists who have an extensive understanding of the subject matter they cover. 

In addition to print editions being available daily throughout Britain’s major cities, The Independent can be accessed online where users can find up-to-date articles written by some of Britain’s most trusted voices from across media outlets – giving readers access to comprehensive reporting no matter where they are located around the world!