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Calgary is a dynamic city, and the Calgary Sun is the daily newspaper that captures its fast-paced rhythm. For decades, the Sun has been a trusted source of news and information, connecting you with the stories that shape your community. If you're looking for a reliable, insightful, and occasionally even a bit irreverent view of Calgary, the Calgary Sun delivers.

What is the Calgary Sun?

The Calgary Sun is a tabloid-format daily newspaper published in Calgary, Alberta. It's part of the Postmedia Network, which operates newspapers across Canada. Founded in 1980, the Sun swiftly became a staple for many Calgarians seeking their daily news fix.

What's Inside the Pages of the Calgary Sun

The Calgary Sun offers a diverse mix of content relevant to Canadian readers and Calgary residents in particular:

  • News: Stay informed about local, provincial, national, and international events that impact your world.
  • Sports: Get the latest analysis of the Calgary Flames and Calgary Stampeders, along with coverage of major sporting events happening locally and globally.
  • Opinion: Find thought-provoking perspectives in columns, editorials, and letters to the editor that spark discussion about issues important to Calgary.
  • Entertainment: Discover movie reviews, music news, upcoming arts events, dining recommendations, and all you need to make the most of the city's vibrant scene.
  • The SUNshine Girl: A daily feature that's been a part of the Sun newspapers since the 1970s.

Why Choose the Calgary Sun?

  • Stay Connected: Keep yourself updated on the happenings in your city and the wider world that influence your life and community.
  • Local Perspective: The Calgary Sun prioritizes stories with a distinctly Calgarian angle.
  • Diverse Opinions: Engage with a range of viewpoints offered in the newspaper's opinion sections.
  • Calgary Institution: The Calgary Sun is deeply woven into the city's fabric.

How to Access the Calgary Sun

  • Subscribe: Get the classic newspaper experience by having the Calgary Sun delivered directly to you.
  • Newsstands: Grab a copy at your local newsstand.
  • Digital Edition: Enjoy the Calgary Sun ePaper on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Website: Visit the Calgary Sun website ( for breaking news and updated stories.
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