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One of the best newspaper in India is Punjab Kesari Newspaper and it has been published for the last 125 years. This newspaper was started by Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon who was a freedom fighter. The newspaper has been serving the nation since then only and has many fans across the country. Punjab Kesari Newspaper has been a strong supporter of the Indian National Congress Party. The newspaper is now owned by Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon’s son S. Harbans Singh Dhillon and his family members. It is one of the best-selling newspapers in India with a circulation of 2,08,000 copies per day. This is also considered as one of the oldest newspapers in India which is still running successfully after 125 years. Punjab Kesari Newspaper Editorials and articles are the main strength of this newspaper. The editorials published in the newspaper are very powerful and written with a great sense of patriotism. They focus on social issues, corruption, scams, education, environment, politics, etc. The newspaper also has a good entertainment section which is full of interesting and entertaining news stories from across the country. Punjab Kesari Newspaper also publishes news about Bollywood celebrities and their movies. This section is read by many people as they like to read about the latest movies and also get information about their favorite stars.

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Punjab Kesari Newspaper is a daily newspaper published by Karnal, Haryana. It is published in the Hindi language and has a circulation of over 50 lakh copies. This newspaper was founded by the journalist, editor, and publisher Hari Singh (also known as Bhai Sahib). It was started on 22nd September in 1926. Punjab Kesari is one of the leading newspapers in Haryana. It is published from many cities of India, including Karnal, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Jind, Hisar, and Yamunanagar.