Deccan Chronicle



The Deccan Chronicle has been a trendsetter in the newspaper publishing industry for as long as it has been around. It is known for its clear editorial voice, credibility, and integrity. It is one of the most respected newspapers in India, and it has earned that respect over a century of existence. The Deccan Chronicle was founded in 1905 by Ranga Rama Krishnayya. It was then published from Bangalore, but it has since moved its headquarters to Hyderabad.

Its name is based on the fact that it was published in the Deccan region of India. In 1947, The Deccan Chronicle became the first Indian newspaper to be printed using offset printing presses. This move allowed for a more efficient printing process and helped keep costs down for the newspaper. The Deccan Chronicle is published in English, Telugu, and Urdu. The newspaper was published by a private company until 1956, when it was nationalized by the Indian government. In 1975, The Deccan Chronicle became one of the first newspapers to go online with its own website. The website,, was launched in 1995 and offers news, business, sports, and entertainment stories. In 2015, The Deccan Chronicle was sold to the media company HT Media Limited for $36 million.