Newsday is a daily newspaper published in Long Island and New York City. It was founded in 1940 by Alicia Patterson and her husband Harry Guggenheim. The paper has since become one of the most widely read newspapers in the United States, with an average circulation of over 800,000 readers per day. Newsday covers local news from Long Island to Manhattan as well as national news from around the country and world events that affect its readership base.

The content found within Newsday includes editorials on current issues, feature articles about people or places of interest, sports coverage including professional teams such as the New York Mets or Jets to college teams like Stony Brook Seawolves or Hofstra Pride; business reports; entertainment reviews; lifestyle pieces on topics ranging from health & fitness to food & wine; obituaries for recently deceased individuals who have impacted their community at large ; opinion columns written by both guest writers and staff members alike ; classifieds for job seekers looking for employment opportunities throughout Nassau County , Suffolk County , Queens , Brooklyn etc..  Additionally there are also sections dedicated solely towards children's activities such as puzzles/games/coloring pages which help keep young minds occupied while parents take care of other tasks .  

Overall Newsday is a great source that offers important information regarding what’s going on locally all across Long island region along with providing interesting stories about people living within it . With so much offered each day it’s no wonder why this publication continues be popular among many households throughout this area - making sure everyone stays informed regardless if they live near city limits  or out east past Riverhead!