New Statesman



The New Statesman is a weekly magazine and website based in the United Kingdom. It covers politics, current affairs, culture and business from an independent perspective. Founded in 1913 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, it has been edited by some of the most influential figures of British journalism over the past century. The magazine's editorial stance has evolved over time to reflect changes in society but its commitment to progressive values remains strong today.

The New Statesman provides analysis on a range of topics including Brexit negotiations, climate change policy and international relations with Russia or China amongst others. In addition to this core political coverage there are also features on popular culture such as film reviews or interviews with leading writers or actors plus lifestyle articles focusing on food & drink trends or travel destinations around Britain & Europe. 

In recent years The New Statesman's online presence has grown significantly - providing readers with access to exclusive content such as podcasts, videos, opinion pieces from guest contributors alongside their regular print edition. This digital offering allows for more interactive engagement between reader & writer which can be beneficial when discussing complex issues like foreign policy decisions . Allowing for greater transparency means that readers can gain deeper insight into why certain decisions were made at any given moment – something that wouldn’t necessarily be possible through traditional media channels alone.