The Economist



The Economist is a United Kingdom-based newspaper that focuses on international news, politics, business and finance. The paper was founded in 1843 by James Wilson and has since become one of the most influential publications in the world. It's renowned for its comprehensive coverage of global topics from economics to politics to culture. 

The Economist is known for its unique style which includes short sentences, simple words and an engaging tone that encourages readers to think critically about current events. Its articles often have a clear opinion or argument backed up with facts and figures so readers can make their own informed decisions about what they read. Additionally, it provides detailed analysis on various economic issues such as trade agreements or central bank policies which helps provide context around complex topics like Brexit or US-China relations. 

In conclusion, The Economist offers an insightful look into the world’s biggest political stories through concise writing that makes complicated concepts understandable without sacrificing accuracy or depth of knowledge . This makes it perfect for those who want reliable information but don't have time to wade through long-winded journalism pieces.