The Boston Globe



The Boston Globe is an American newspaper based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1872, it is one of the oldest newspapers still in circulation today. The paper covers a wide range of topics from local and national news to sports and entertainment. It has won numerous awards for its reporting on political issues as well as investigative journalism pieces that have shed light on important social issues such as poverty and racism.

The Globe’s editorial staff strives to provide readers with accurate information about current events both locally and nationally through their daily print edition or online version at . They also strive to bring attention to stories that may not be widely covered by other major media outlets so they can help shape public opinion on various matters impacting our society today  As part of this mission, they often feature special reports highlighting different aspects of life within the greater Boston area including education reform initiatives , crime rates , economic development projects , etc . 

The paper's website also offers additional content such as podcasts discussing current events along with interactive features like quizzes related to politics or culture which allow readers engage more deeply with the material presented by The Globe's writers . This type of multimedia approach helps keep people informed while simultaneously keeping them entertained making it easier for them stay up-to-date even when time constraints limit their ability read a full article every day.