The Australian Financial Review



The Australian Financial Review (AFR) is an Australian business newspaper with a focus on national and international economic news and commentary. It is published by Fairfax Media, and is the only national daily business newspaper in Australia.

The AFR was founded in 1951 by Sir Frank Packer as a broadsheet newspaper. In 1990, it was acquired by Fairfax, which converted it to a tabloid format in 1995. The newspaper is published from Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

The AFR website was launched in 1997. It is available as an online subscription and includes articles from the print edition, as well as additional news and commentary.

The AFR's masthead motto is "Nation's Business Newspaper".

The Australian Financial Review is published by Fairfax Media, which is one of the largest media companies in Australia. Fairfax also owns The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and other metropolitan newspapers, as well as a range of online properties.